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Formerly a fashion label and store only, Breathless has grown into a fashion house with two brands under its umbrella – Breathless and Neleh & Heath – and a Bespoke Bridal & Fashion service for brides and those who want something unique for everyday or special events.


Breathless is not only a clothing label and store, but also a fashion house. Based in Perth, Western Australia, the Breathless team designs, manufactures and wholesales its elegant-but-edgy designs across two labels for its Claremont store and retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand.


With owner Helen Rimpas and head designer Robin Alexander at the helm, Breathless has reinvented itself since 2007 and re-emerged on the national fashion stage with a reinvigorated design presence and focus on quality. New label Neleh & Heath emerged from the design studio in 2011 to complement the Breathless label, and both collections are attracting a strong following throughout Australia and New Zealand among confident women who embrace personal style while pursuing quality.


The Breathless label continues to produce elegant-but-edgy pieces with an eye to global trends while understanding what clients want. It comes in all sizes with flattering cuts for different body shapes and sizes. Quality fabrics are a hallmark of this label, as is quality workmanship by the Breathless design studio team. Two collections are produced each year with injection pieces released throughout the year.


The Neleh & Heath label launched its first collection in spring/summer 2011/12. It’s a softer, floatier and less structured look than the Breathless label and showcases Breathless’ exclusive silk chiffon prints, among other sourced fabrics. The concept for this label evolved from Helen’s daughters raiding her wardrobe. Instead of fighting it, she embraced it through launching a label that would suit a mother and daughter, depending on how it was worn or accessorised. It comes in relaxed sizing from S onwards. A spring/summer collection is launched each year and injection pieces are released throughout the year.


The Breathless Bespoke Bridal & Fashion service is a design service for those who want alterations to existing designs or those who require a unique outfit for a special event. This design service includes bridal wear for the bride, mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom and bridesmaids.


The Breathless Claremont store in Perth stocks both labels, plus Melbourne label Sosume, which is eco-friendly basics, the timeless-yet-edgy Josh Jewellery from The Netherlands, which complements the Breathless fashion label, and the famous mesh bag specialist from the United States Whiting & Davis. Always one to support local design, the Breathless store also carries Mosquita jewellery, which is handmade in Perth using Swarovski crystals and pearls.


“We work very hard in creating a look for our clients, who range from a 17-year-old for a school formal to an 80-year-old for an art exhibition,” says Helen. “Plus we have some great urban pieces that can be dressed up or down.


“We understand that our client wants something different – she still wants to be edgy, yet she wants to feel completely comfortable in her look. We know that if you are confident with what you are wearing, you will feel great.”

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